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Welcome to! was registered at on Oct. 29, 2006. It servers as an interface between the fantastic on-line world and me. As an Internet enthusiast from my early age, I devoted much time designing websites for myself. I do hope my visitors, you, will enjoy the stay here.

Thank you very much for visiting!

About Huasong

I am a Chinese Big Big boy, in the Big Big world.

Born in Wuhan City, P. R. China, in 1980s, I would say, I'm one of the very gerneration that are witnessing China's reformation and prospering. Lucky as we are, I was and am enjoying good education both from my parents and teachers.

In my life, the thing I love most is travelling. You cannot tell how much you will get from a single journey. Without seeing the world by yourself, you never know what is the harmony of nature.

I have been living and studying in China for more than 22 years, and have been sincerely wishing to appreciate different cultures to assimilate the quintessence in them. There is a proverb in China: He that travels far knows much. That's exactly why I chose to leave my hometown and come to UBC in the fall of 2007, for my graduate study and research.

Currently I'm working in the field of wireless communications and networking, which are so hot and bright. For more about my academic issues, please check my website at ECE@UBC.

Huasong's News

Sep. 30, 2007  Registered in Account: 曹华嵩.

Aug. 21, 2007  From Wuhan to Hong Kong, then to Vancouver. Flight: Oasis O808.

Aug. 2, 2007  Registered in Facebook. Account: Huasong Cao.

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